Gallery update – Travis

•April 17, 2009 • Leave a Comment

New character wip in gallery. Based on Travis (Robert DeNiro) from “Taxi Driver”


Gallery updated!

•March 16, 2009 • Comments Off on Gallery updated!

Couple new ZBrush sculptings wip pictures in the gallery together with my latest personal project – boxer character.

1st post

•January 22, 2009 • 1 Comment

Hello, everyone!

I´m (un)known as Ghost-D around the forums like, or I´m working on my 3d skills for almost 3 years now, although most of the time I was very busy with high-school. Anyway, it was about time for me to make some portfolio, something complex, a place where I can post my latest stuff… so here it is, and here´s my actual personal project:


Sculpted in ZBrush, still needs a lot of work, mostly to refine folds and add some more equipment. Also the face could be way better, since I made me a new basemesh.

I´m going for a real-time model with this, general type guy, getting inspiration from this conceptart/wallpaper for Warhammer I found on the internet, so can´t take credit for that:

Here´s a little older screenshot from max with the normal maps generated from older version of the sculpting and applied to lowpoly mesh, very WIP:


This time I decided also try texturing. Right now only face is textured (so far it´s only diffuse done in ZBrush, ready for further detailing in PS), the rest has just base colour.